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Helpful Tips in Writing Xactimate Estimates

Just getting started or need to understand what we need to write your estimate.  See the below tips and you will be on your way to an accurate estimate. 

Sketch Tips

"Sketch" is a Xactimate term for floorplan.  This is the first critical step in getting an estimate value that reflects the work being done.  Xactimate prices scope items based on measurements.  The right measurements equal the right price. The drawing does not need to be an architectural rendering but it should show how the rooms fit together to look professional. 


Measure each room's length, width, and height.  It is important to indicate if the ceiling is above 8', sloped or peaked. Show us how the rooms are connected. 

Windows & Doors

Windows: Place the locations of the windows and indicate their size in a room.  It is not necessary to measure how far from the wall the window is, just the general location and size. 


Doors: Place the location and type of doors in the rooms.  Xactimate assumes the doors are 6'8" in height and are 2'6" wide on the interior and 3' wide on the exterior.  Let us know if your door sizes are different

Scope Tips

A scope is the list of work you are doing in a room. All work must be indicated by room, not the job site. Think about each room in segments: floors, walls, then ceilings.  If you capture your work by looking at a room this way you will be more likely not to miss anything. 

Project Set Up

We need to have the following:

First time customers only:

Your company Name, address, phone number and website if applicable

Optional but helpful in getting paid: contractors license number and EIN

A .jpg of your companies logo

With each project:

Name of insured

Their address, including zip code

Date of loss & type of loss

Optional: claim number and carrier name, insured's phone number and email address,


If this is a mitigation estimate we need to know what type of equipment you are installing, the quantity, and for how many days. Also, let us know if you used any flat-laid plastic to vent the air mover and how many LF.    


Start your scope with what you are doing on the floors. Some example questions are: Extracting water? Are your removing or replacing the flooring? If yes what type?  If it is the entire floor indicate "F" or provide an SF quantity.  Also, let us know if the materials are high, or premium grade. 


When you are finished with the floors look at the walls.  We recommend starting with how it was put in: insulation, drywall, and baseboard.  In addition are there registers, cold air returns, smoke alarms, crown molding, or chair rail elements? 

Drywall measurements are based on how the drywall was cut. 

  • Were holes drilled to vent the walls?  If yes then provide the number of holes drilled or filled. 

  • Drywall cut up to 2' or 4": provide the LF of drywall removed If it is the entire room use the code PF.

  • Specific SF of drywall: Provide us with the SF of the amount of drywall being removed or replaced. 

For the baseboard, quarter round, crown molding, and chair rail we need the LF of material.  If it is the entire room use the code PF. Also, how many inches are tall? Also, we need to know if you are removing, detaching, resetting, or replacing these items. 


Ceilings require the same sort of information as walls.  However, it is important to note any light fixtures.  We need to know what type of light fixtures and the quantity you are detaching, reseting or replacing.


Both kitchen cabinets and vanities require the LF length of the cabinets. 

In addition, we need to know the type of countertop material and if it is being detached, removed, or replaced. 

If cabinets are being removed or replaced are there knobs and are they being detached, reset or replaced?


Are the toilets, bathtubs, and showers being removed, detached, reset, or replaced?

Make sure you let us know for bathtubs and showers what type of surrounds they have and what is happening to them.  In addition, let us know if if the faucets were removed, detached, reset, or replaced.

OnDemand Estimates Project Info Cheat Sheet.jpg


We Look Forward to Working With You

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