Terms of Agreement:

By paying the minimum payment you agree to the following:


A. All estimate payments are due within seven (7) days of notification of final billing. If no payment is made within seven (7) days you forfeit the down payment and the estimate will be deleted. Estimates are held in our system for 90 days. After the 90 days, it is deleted.  No one may request the estimate or inquire about the estimate outside of the purchaser.  All information is kept strictly confidential and will not be released to any parties without the express permission of the purchaser. 

B. Each order for an Xactimate Estimate includes one (1) request for up to five revisions.

C. Each revision request is valid for ten (10) days from the date the order is initially fulfilled and expires after that time. Individual revisions are nontransferable and become null and void if not used within each revision request (i.e., if a request is made for three of the five available revisions, the remaining two revisions will become null and void). Revisions are considered as:

i. Any revision to an individual Line Item will count as one (1) revision.
ii. All revisions, regardless of number, within a Cover Page (includes Header, Price List, and all other items appearing on the first page of an estimate) will count as one (1) revision.

iii. Any revision related to Sales Tax will count as one (1) revision.
iv: Any revision related to Overhead and Profit will count as one (1) revision.

v: Any revision to an item not mentioned above will be counted at the discretion of On Demand Estimates (please Contact Us before proceeding with your revision order). 

vi: Additional revisions are $1.00 a line and 1% of the price difference for line items. or minor sketch changes there is a $10 flat fee and $0.15 per square foot/roof square changes. If the sketch requires new elements such as rooms and or stairs, etc. we will contact you with the fee for the changes.


D. The payment of final estimates is considered as acceptance of the estimate as and the job is closed. OnDemand Estimates is not liable for the estimate being accepted by third parties or any changes to the scope of the estimate at a future date. If changes are requested after 10 days, the job will be considered a new job, and charges will be based on 1% of the estimate as written with changes. 



All sales are final and no refunds shall be issued unless a mistake was made on behalf of On Demand Estimates. We will only enter information into the estimate as provided by the client. If we make a suggested addition and you approve of the item it is considered a part of your estimate total value. We cannot guarantee the acceptance of any estimate and are not liable for the acceptance or rejection of any items in an estimate by the payor.