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What are the Steps to Ordering an Estimate?

Step 1:  Pay deposit for an estimate 
Using our online Paypal payments pay your initial deposit to begin the process.


Step 2:  Provide us with your scope
You can fill out our forms or provide us with your own scope. We highly recommend using our forms. Orders that are not submitted on our forms can add up to 3 days to the order.  Once you’ve completed the Order Form you can either scan it and save it as a .jpg image file or a .pdf adobe file. You can also fax it to us at (619) 677-1710.  If you have the following please include them with your submission:

  • Photos

  •  Insurance company’s estimate

  •  Subcontractor(s) estimates


Step 3: Review Your Documents
Once we have received your scope and reviewed it we will begin inputting the items into Xactimate. We will provide you with a list of questions/clarifications if any. Your timely response to our questions allows us to provide you with your estimate quickly.


Step 4: Pay Final Invoice
Once we have completed your estimate we will email you an invoice for the remaining balance through PayPal. As soon as you have paid that invoice, we will send you your estimate. Our fees and billing processes are explained on our Pricing page.


Step 5:  Review the Estimate
Each order for a Detailed Estimate includes one request for up to five revisions. Revision request is valid for ninety days from the date the order is initially fulfilled and expires after that time. Individual revisions are non-transferrable and become null and void if not used within each revision request (i.e., if a request is made for three of the five available revisions, the remaining two revisions will become null and void). Additional revisions can be purchased for $1 each. Revisions are considered as:

  • Any revision to an individual Line Item will count as one (1) revision.

  • All revisions, regardless of number, within a Cover Page (includes Header, Price List, and all other items appearing on the first page of an estimate) will count as one (1) revision.

  • Any revision related to Sales Tax will count as one (1) revision.

  • Any revision related to Overhead and Profit will count as one (1) revision.

  • Any revision to an item not mentioned above will be counted at the discretion of On Demand Estimates (please Contact Us before proceeding with your revision order).

  • Additional revisions are $1.00 a line and 1% of the price difference for line items. or minor sketch changes there is a $10 flat fee and $0.15 per square foot/roof square changes. If the sketch requires new elements such as rooms and or stairs, etc. we will contact you with the fee for the changes.



Once my order is placed, how long will it take to get my estimate?

In most cases, we will complete your estimate within 24 to 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). However, situations may vary depending on the complexity of your order and current order volume. As such, it may sometimes take longer. If your order is expected to take longer than 48 hours, we will make an attempt to notify you by phone and/or email shortly after your order is placed. At that time, we will allow you to withdraw your order if we can’t complete it within your specified time-frame. If you have an urgent need please contact us.


How will I be billed for my detailed estimate?

Your paid deposit will allow us to review and begin inputting your estimate. Upon completion, we will send you a Paypal invoice for any additional amount owed. Once we receive payment we will send you your estimate. 

If an estimate totals $9,999 or less, your estimate will be sent as soon as it is finished. If your estimate totals more than $9,999, there will be an additional service fee based on 1% of the estimate total, minus your initial payment of $99.99. After the additional service fee is paid, your completed and finalized estimate (on your letterhead and without the watermark) will be sent. 

If any additional service fee has not been paid within seven (7) calendar days of the supplemental invoice date, we will send you the partially completed estimate and close your order.


Can my estimate contain my logo and company information?

Yes, your estimate will be put on your own letterhead once our service fee has been paid in full. Instruction for uploading your logo will be provided to you once an estimate is ordered. Your letterhead will be left-margin justified (default by Xactimate) on the header of each page of your estimate as well as any add-on reports.


Why do you require a zip code of the job?

Xactimate provides you with market-relevant costs based on the zip code of the job. On-Demand Estimates requires at minimum a zip code to complete your order.


What version of Xactimate does On Demand Estimates use?

Estimates will be written in version 28 unless it is requested to use X.


My estimate contains errors. What should I do?

We strive to maintain a high level of accuracy in all estimates that we write. However, in rare cases, an error may occur. If this happens, we will promptly correct any error that we may have made free of charge. Please contact us via phone at (619) 633-7632 or respond to the email you received your estimate.


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