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Welcome to OnDemand Estimates! Our team of experienced contractors come backed with years of experience and level III Xactimate estimating skills that you can depend on. We offer reliable and efficient service that you can trust.

Our Services

New Companies Xactimate Estimate

New Restoration Companies

OnDemand Estimates offers experienced Xactimate estimators to help individuals, small to medium-sized businesses just getting started in insurance loss restoration. With years of industry experience, you can trust OnDemand Estimates to be an integral partner in growing your business with a combination of know-how for both the trade and the software.

Cut wood
Overflow Xactimate Estimates
Office furniture

Overflow Estimators/Existing Contractors

OnDemand Estimates provides professional Xactimate estimating services that are perfect for maintaining workflow during busy times, taking up the slack during employee transitions and handling overflow work. With our knowledgeable and experienced team, you’ll be sure to experience a seamless and accurate service.

Xactimate Estimate Conversions

Xactimate Conversions

We also can help you with the following:

Convert an ESX* File to a PDF $20

Convert an ESX* File to an XLS* $20

Change Logo and Company Info on an ESX*: $50

*ESX is a Xactimate file Extension

*XLS is an excel file

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Draw a floor plan showing each room's length, width, and height. Pricing in Xactimate is based on dimensions, so getting this right is crucial. Also, indicate where the doors and windows are, along with their sizes. A professional estimate should include a diagram showing how the rooms are connected. Check out our tips page for information on how to create an accurate sketch.


In each room, identify the type of work being performed. First, start with the floors, then the walls, and finally the ceiling. You can learn how to capture the right information so we can give you an accurate estimate of the work you are doing by visiting our tips page. 

Pay Deposit

$89 gets you started.  Once we receive your scope, sketch, and deposit we get started writing your estimate.

Receive Estimate

In most cases within 24 hours you will receive your estimate.  If there is a balance due you will receive a scope and an invoice for final payment.  Once payment is received you will receive your Xactimate estimate. 


Pricing is simple: 1% of the total.  

You pay $89 to get started which covers estimates up to $8,999

If your estimate exceeds $8,999 you will be sent a scope with line items, with no pricing or sizes included.  You will also receive an invoice for the balance of your 1% of the estimate owed. 

For estimates exceeding $50,000, 1/2 the balance owed prior to receiving the scope. 

Value of Using ODE

In-house estimators are an excellent value for established companies writing over 10 estimates daily.  However, hiring an Online Xactimate Estimator saves you thousands of dollars a year. 

Vacation / Health Care Costs


State Taxes


Software Subscription Fees




Sick Days


Experience of Estimator

20+ years

“Quick turn around.  Kimberli identified items I missed.”

John B., Contractor, Los Angeles CA

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